An Investment Insight as a Service (IIaaS) Platform

Accelerating Insights from Data to Dashboards

“The next wave of digital insights will revolutionize the industry. Asset managers will acquire research capabilities which they can guide and which will impound their own ideas and intuitions.”

- Warren Sherman, President   Catapult Insight

A Cloud-Based Digital Platform That Transforms The Front Office

  • Accelerator For Proprietary Insights, From Data To Dashboards
  • Aggregates Internal Data, Gives Access To An Evolving Community Of Content Providers And Offers Dashboards For Deeper Insights
  • Brings The Investment Teams A Cloud-Based Research Platform And A Development Site For AI & ML Functions
  • Delivers A Hardened Cluster Facility To Better Manage Big Data

We Deliver


Data & Dashboards

Develop new and insightful data views by combining holdings data and various channel provider content to illuminate and highlight important data relationships.

Create value-added processes to automate surveillance, validate data, evaluate models, and analyze price and market time series data.

Imagine if your holdings were securely uploaded and data from multiple third-party sources were mapped to these holdings, at the asset-level, then you could reap maximum analytical value.

There will be no more data silos!

Big Data Solution

Third-party data is costly, redundant and often siloed deep within organizations.

A Unified Data Model consolidates and centralizes firm-wide external data. Repurpose this data by publishing it back to your internal consumers to promote consistency and to eliminate unnecessary data spend.

Trial and experiment with different channel providers to assess contributory value and even connect data from multiple sources to create your own proprietary analytics.

Decrease time to deliver new insights and better adapt to changing market conditions!

Research Platform

CapEx vs. OpEx? Available capital is precious, so the question at every firm is whether to allocate resources to Capital or Operational expenditures?

We provide the research platform you want, at a fraction of the cost, freeing up resources along the way.

Lease various statistical and development tools, rather than negotiate term enterprise licenses in-house. Use them directly within Catapult Insight to maximize performance from your investment teams!

Why Now?

Asset Managers are facing significant industry disruptors

Illiquid (riskier) assets, Passive Investing, Big Data, The Cloud, Predictive Analytics, AI and the momentum of Factor-based investing are at the forefront of change. These disruptors require a bold paradigm shift and a meaningful business response. Yet, many firms are unprepared to meet these challenges and thus find it difficult to differentiate their products against fierce competition.

In order to remain competitive, asset managers will build data platforms commensurate with the new industry realities. In doing so, most will migrate research and external data store to the Cloud.

However, the headwinds will be strong as many face data challanges today

  • Investment teams are siloed and struggle to build a shared enterprise platform
  • Infrastructures are a tangle of apps - data is often inconsistent and/or replicated internally
  • Institutions lack a consolidated research platform – obtaining alignment on priority, resourcing and approach ensures multiple interested parties, causing delay and inaction
  • Limited expertise in latest Big Data technologies (e.g. Hadoop clusters)
  • New and unfamiliar asset classes pose risk management and data challenges
  • Existing vendors typically offer limited customization and sell what they built

Collectively, these challenges contribute to a data analysis problem and we are here to help.

Our accelerator

Our answer is to offer a pre-built cloud-based Unified Data Model. Highly secure, our digital platform is immediately ready for deployment. With little to no implementation our clients can be onboarded quickly, foregoing an internal build that will be costly and likely take years.

We combine the data and analytics from numerous channel partners to provide useful insights and visualizations. All are organized to support and enhance access to actionable research, whether proprietary or third-party. We offer our clients the ability to customize and create proprietary analytics and views using the contributions from an evolving community of channel partners.

Eliminate the duplication of data, lower your annual carrying cost and leverage our expertise.


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