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Brent Smith on the track we race just like our customersAt Kentuckiana Kart Speedshop we take to the track on a weekly basis.

This allows us to stay up to date on what works and also allows us to be constantly developing new speed secrets that we can quickly turn into information that is beneficial to our customers and racers.

Where other shops rely on information and feedback from the customers, we instead want our customers to be able to rely on us to consistently have an advantage over the competition each and every week.

We are a Van-K wheel distributor!
We carry the full Van-K line up of products. With KKS you can get your wheels and tires ready to race.
Contact us today to get your next set of cut tires and wheels on the way to you!

Perfect Bite Prep!

Perfect Bite Preps and Tire profiling is our specialty!

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